Sunday, 12 July 2015

Wimbledon 2015 - The day it all began


I have just finished watching the Wimbledon final 2015 and it has set in motion a reaction inside me that I may never have felt before - actually I lie, I have had these thoughts before however I have chose never to do anything about them. Well no more, today I am going to choose life and choose to do more and then I will blog about my experiences and how I get on. 

Please be aware that I am not doing this necessarily to inspire others or to be some cheesy hey look at me thinking I am better than you type of guy, no what I am doing is looking at making a concerted effort at living a better healthier life with fulfilling experiences based on what I hope to achieve in my life.

So why Wimbledon I hear you ask? well its just finished and the winner of the men's tournament is 28 years old, thats roughly seven years younger than me and he has just won his third Wimbledon title which led me to turn to my wife and say wow I am seven years older than him, my wife replied 'I am the same age as the other guy'. 

Maybe comparing my life with a top athlete who has just won the number one tennis trophy may be a little harsh, actually its silly, however the relevance is in age and life and how we have made decisions in our lives effect where we are now. One is about to pick up a trophy and probably a million pounds and one is about to pick up a coffee and a handful of crisps. Now don't get me wrong I love coffee and I love crisps however it would be nice to get a million pounds as then you could buy a lot of coffee and a hell of a lot of crisps.

As a teen my choices included smoking, drinking, video games and standing around with others wanting to do the same while we mocked the decision of others to refrain from this lifestyle choice and do school study or sporting activities. My twenties where spent more productively doing things like travelling and stopping smoking and trying to not be such a douche bag, something I probably was quite a lot in my younger days. and now into my thirties I have steady career and a wife who I love to bits and wish to spend as much time as I can with having fun.

Looking at the last line, maybe I have so far in this blog been a bit hard on myself, and again this is more about me now wanting to push myself to achieve more and to achieve some dreams and goals and if not, give them a go and see what happens, any experience is a good experience.

So, moving forward what do I want to achieve? what are some of my goals....

More travelling

Travelling is an easy one, from the thrill of the airport to someone speaking to you in a different language, everything about travelling is fun and exciting.

Top places to visit are - Japan, America, Sweden, India, South east Asia


I love Sport, Sport Sport Sport.... Its just great. I can see why people maybe don't like specific sports however I try and enjoy or follow as much sport as time allows because deep down I inside I feel like a sportsman is waiting to break free

Sports I will try and take part in - Basketball, Football, I would also like to get into football coaching.


MMMMMMM fish Tacos. I have had fish Tacos once in my life, I had them in Lagos, southern Portugal and they were just amazing. I am now obsessed with fish Tacos however I have not had them since Lagos and this must be remedied. 

My wife is a vegetarian, I am not a vegetarian. I am now trying to join my wife in healthier eating as my food choices are pretty appalling as they normally consist of white rolls and meat with cheese and mustard aka a Burger. Man I love Burgers.

Food I will try and eat more of - Salads, Healthy things

Food I will try and eat less of - mostly meat, fried things

Ok, I think this is enough to cover off for my first post as I don't want to run out of things to write, I will try and post at least once a day moving forward with thoughts and achievements as I look to choose life.....


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