Monday, 13 July 2015

Is Tuna Mayonnaise a healthy choice for lunch?


Yay!!!! everyone loves the thrill of getting up early on a Monday right? the chance to start again, the chance to put right the wrongs of the week before, start new trends, diets, regimes.....

I actually started mine on Sunday with the birth of this blog, and on Sunday evening I made my lunch  for today, two rolls with Tuna Mayonnaise. There was a little salt and pepper thrown into the mix but no salad stuff - I question wether this would have amplified the taste at all but it would certainly have provided colour to an other wise pasty looking meal option.

So at work today, I work as a support technician for a high end firm, I was busy helping set up a couple of colleagues and providing support for what had clearly given them sleepless nights for at least the last week when all I can hear in the background is another colleague shrieking

'this is outrageous' 'this is absolutely outrageous' 

I turn around to see the colleague standing in a fit of rage at a small stain on the carpet. I admit that in the realms of being professional the stain should not have been there, if anything it actually bothered me as well because it shows a lack of care and attention to detail, however I didn't feel the need to violently punch my thigh while screaming about the inherent lack of cleaning detail at my work.

This leads me to two things, the first being care. Do I care? well yeah I believe I do care about work and my job. Its not what I want to do for the rest of my life and through the process of the blog I hope to make changes and put together a new lifestyle however for the moment it pays my rent and other bills and allows me to enjoy a fairly comfortable life, what it does not make me want to do is almost rupture a blood vessel at a small stain on a carpet while aggressively taking pictures to which I am sure ended up in a passionate email to anyone in the company who would entertain it, this again puts into perspective about care. Can you care to much? Can you really get so engrossed in your job that something like this tips you over the edge in your pursuit of perfection at work? Maybe I just have not found the right career......

This leads me onto the second of my two things, Health.

Is it healthy to get so wound up at work and over something that isn't life or death? I admit that now I think about it my Tuna sandwich may not be healthy but it is certainly healthier than straining and stressing over things we can do little to control. I think that instead of making a scene, if the colleague contacted the team responsible and asked for it to be sorted it puts it back into the hands of who needs to deal with these things and takes away all your worries about it.

My overall thoughts are this.... Tuna Mayonnaise sandwiches are healthier than stressing over work.

Today me and my wife cycled to work, a distance of roughly ten miles. It is nice to cycle with my wife as we work around the corner from each other. We are lucky and also the ride in and home again helps to unwind from the day meaning when we get in we are ready to start our evenings.

Dinner tonight will be a healthy meal consisting of no meat.... go me, two days in and already cutting back. Tomorrow I have even planned to play some basketball with the guys from work, nothing major however small steps can lead to great things.

Have a good night


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